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How you can help

The Thirsk Sinfonia Orchestra is going to be the best orchestra ever in Thirsk but we will need your help to make this happen.  We wish to bring you better concerts, exciting repertoire and amazing musicians and soloists.  But all of this costs a huge amount of money, including the only hire venue in Thirsk large enough for a symphonic-sized orchestra. 

Thirsk Sinfonia Orchestra is a non-profit, voluntary organisation that relies solely on audience numbers, donations and patrons’ subscriptions to bring music to rural Thirsk and the surrounding area. 

To facilitate the orchestra’s development, we have three schemes designed for the benefit of audiences, friends and relations of orchestra members – ‘Friend’, ‘Patron’ and ‘Benefactor’.


1)        Friend

Friends of the orchestra receive:

Membership of the TSO Friends Scheme costs £30 per year or £55 per couple.


2)      Patron

Patrons receive:

Patrons are invited to make a donation of £100 per year or £250 for 3 years.


3)      Benefactor

Benefactors receive:

Benefactors are invited to make a donation of £200 per year or £500 for 3 years.


Will you support us please?

We want to continue to develop the orchestra, allowing our audiences to enjoy new and exciting programmes and soloists, while at the same time coping with the rising costs of performing concerts in and around Thirsk.

To achieve this, we would like to increase the number of Friends, Patrons and Benefactors.  If the orchestra has bought you enjoyment or you are a member and would enjoy the chance to keep playing in this amazing and local rural orchestra and feel able to contribute to the orchestra’s future development, we would like to ask you to consider supporting us by joing this scheme. 


Please become a Friend, Patron or Benefactor now by completing the application form below:

Friends, Patrons and Benefactors application form


Thank you for supporting Thirsk Sinfonia Orchestra.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact:


Deby Whitfield

Thirsk Sinfonia Orchestra Development Manager

Email:           This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.