Our next concert is on :

17th February 2018 at 2.30pm
St Oswalds Church, Sowerby


Family Concert

Shore - Lord of the Rings

Baddelt - Pirates of the Caribbean

Prokofiev - Peter and the Wolf

Williams - Star Wars



'A painter paints a picture on canvas.  But musicians paint their pictures on silence'.  Leopald Stokowski


Free concert St Oswalds Church August 6th:

"Philip Cull was amazing"

"Gabriel's Oboe was beautiful"

"The strings played together beautifully"

"I'll definitely be going to the next concert"

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Night at the Cinema Reviews:

 "This is probably the first time that a full orchestra has ever played to a film at the Ritz; there are no surviving records, but the atmosphere was probably only ever enhanced by a lady piano player!"

"Impeccable timing"

"A privilge to be in the audience"


Watch a snippet here.


The TSinf is a newly formed orchestra based in Thirsk.  We have been successful in recruiting around 50 musicians from all over the North of England.

We are proud to be the first (that we can find) full sized orchestra in the market town of Thirsk with George Morton as our esteemed conductor. 

Thirsk Sinfonia aims to give both musicians performing and the audience a varied and challenging repertoire that will be interesting and enjoyable to all ages.


Repertoire and Programming

By forming the programmes from the suggestions of both musicians and the wider public, we aim to include works that will stretch the musicians abilities but that are also enjoyable for the audience to listen to.  We are keen to perform works that are less well-known and/or not often performed.  This may include music of other cultures or genres such as klezmer or jazz.  



We are aiming to give around three concerts per year in March, June and September in or around the Thirsk area. 



We recruit, wherever possible, from Thirsk and the surrounding areas although to retain the size and calibre of our musicians’ playing ability it is sometimes necessary to recruit from outside.